New ‘Descent’ Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Q4 release of The Trollfens, a second expansion for their semi-cooperative fantasy board game Descent: Journey in the Dark.  The first expansion, Labyrinth of Ruin, is set to release in July.
The Trollfens introduces new heroes, monsters, classes, quests, and more.  Heroes can discover and investigate secret rooms and rumors while the overlord spreads infection and brings a powerful new lieutenant into play: the massive troll Bol’Goreth.
The expansion features new Shop and Relic cards and two new character classes: The Stalker (for Scouts) and The Prophet (for Healers).  New monsters include Plague Worms, Harpies and Bol’Goreth. There is also a new “Infector” overlord class with which to contend.
The box will contain 76 cards, nine detailed plastic figures, 10 map titles, 38 tokens and a Rulebook & Campaign Guide.  The Trollfens expansion requires the base Descent board game in order to play. Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition was released in early 2012 and was one of the top board games in the hobby market according to ICv2’s survey last summer.


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