Pathfinder Battles: Undead Horde

Paizo Publishing and WizKids will release the Pathfinder Battles–Builder Series: Undead Horde, the latest in its Pathfinder Battles line of pre-painted plastic gaming figures, in September.
The 12-miniature Undead Hordeset features new paint jobs of out-of-print Pathfinder Battles undead plus four all-new sculpts.  The figures will be sold individually in blind 24-pack displays, with an MSRP of $2.99 each.  A full display pack should include one each of six rare figures, and three each of the six common figures. Purchasing a factory-sealed display should yield a complete set of figures, but as with any randomized collation, it is not guaranteed.

Paizo just released the first Builder Series set, We Be Goblins, in conjunction with Free RPG Day.  They have another release, the 55-figure Skull and Shackles Builder Series,  planned for August.


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