Winter Tales from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans to release the fairy tale-based story-telling board game Winter Tales in the fourth quarter of 2013.
Designed by Jocularis and Matteo Santus, Winter Tales takes place in a fairy tale world where the good fairy tale characters attempt to end the regime of the Winter soldiers and bring about the return of Spring.  Players ally themselves with a faction of Winter (the Wolf, the Mad Hatter, and Candlewick) or Spring (Alice, Grandma Dorothy, and Pinocchio) in order to assure their side victory.  Players activate one character every turn, draw three Story Cards and either move their character or engage in various quest related activities.  The goal is to complete various quests in key location, thus ensuring victory for your faction.
The game is for three to seven players, and if an odd number of participants play, a new faction is introduced–the Writer.  The Writer takes control of both Winter and Spring faction characters, and uses them to accomplish that player’s own unique goals.  The Writer wins the game by forcing both warring factions into a draw, denying a decisive ending to the tale.
Art in the Story Card illustrations also become relevant as players attempt to discard Story Cards–the players must make up part of their tale that involves visual interpretation of elements on the face of the card.  This is part of the unique storytelling of the game, so the tale is never the same twice.
The game contains a game board, 124 cards, 54 tokens and markers, 14 plastic stands, 7 reference sheets and a rule book. 


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