Catan: Explorers & Pirates’ 5-6 Player Extension

Mayfair Games has announced a September release date for the 5-6 Player Extension of Catan: Explorers & Pirates, and has now revealed details on what the supplement will include.
Due to popular demand, MFG announced plans for the supplement to the fourth major expansion earlier this year, and now five to six players can explore Catan’s unknown seas without sacrificing ease of play.   As in the Explorers & Pirates Extension, players use scenarios and missions to build harbor settlements and ships, ferry settlers, and sail the seas in search of new lands and resources.
Wood components include the addition of 8 harbor settlements, 18 crews, 6 ships, 4 settlers, 6 markers, 2 pirate ships, 2 fish, and 12 spice sacks.  There are also 2 pirate lair hexes, 2 pirate lair tokens, 3 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (green backs), 3 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (orange backs), 4 sea hexes, 1 Large Council of Catan tri-hex piece, 1 Large Sea tri-hex, 3 Number tokens (orange backs), 3 Number tokens (green backs), 2 building cost cards, 2 player piece manifest cards, 1 new piece manifest card as well as a rule book.


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