Mage Knight CMG Returns!

WizKids has announced details for its reboot of the classic Mage Knight CMGMage Knight: Resurrection, which will street in August.  The first two products will be the gravity feed Booster display and the Campaign Starter Set.
The gravity feed display will contain 24 individual foil pack figures.  Each pack will contain a single figure with a HeroClix Character Card, and two SwitchClix Combat Dials – one designed for use with Mage Knight 2.0 rules, and the other combatable with the HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC).  There are 25 figures to collect, including: 11 Common Figures, 8 Uncommon Figures, 5 Rare Figures and 1 Chase Figure.
The Mage Knight: Resurrection Campaign Starter Set will include five re-painted sculpts with all new dial designs, and an exclusive Harrowblade sculpt that’s unique to the Starter Set.  All figures come with the two Combat Dials and their corresponding HeroClix Character Cards, and the starter also includes the HeroClix Core Rulebook, HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), Campaign Scenario Rules. 48 Horde Tokens, Terrain Marker and Object tokens, dice, and four maps.
Mage Knight: Resurrection uses the same Combat Dial System that the original Mage Knight game pioneered more than a decade ago, and is compatible with the HeroClix line of miniature games. Mage Knight has spawned multiple product lines over the years, including video games, novels, comic books and most recently, an Origins Award-nominated board game which released its first expansion in December


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