Firefly: Out to the Black Card Game

Toy Vault, Inc has announced an October release for theFirefly: Out to the Black card game they announced earlier this year.
Based on the acclaimed, fan-favorite television series,Firefly: Out to the Black lets players chose a role as one of the nine Serenity crew members, and then work cooperatively to face the various entanglements (the Alliance, Reavers, low-down dirty deceivers, and all manner of nastiness) while scouring the ‘Verse for jobs.  Players choose partners for their missions and use their Fightin’, Flyin’, and Thinkin’ skills to complete the Events to earn Credits and Honor.  If the players run out of either Credits or Honor before the end of the game, they lose.  If they manage to complete the predetermined amount of Events without running out of Credits or Honor, they win, and live to fly another day!
The game includes 9 character sheets, 88 cards, more than 4 dozen Honor and Credit tokens, a set of rules and more.  The game is for three to five players.


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