Eldritch Horror from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans to release the board game Eldritch Horror, set in the same universe as its Lovecraftian games Arkham HorrorElder Sign, and Mansions of Madness, in Q4.  Full box details have not been announced, but FFG has said there are over two hundred-fifty tokens and more than three hundred cards included in the game.  
Inspired by the Arkham Horror board game, Eldritch Horror shares similar mechanics, but adds some new twists.  It is not an expansion, or a reboot, according to FFG. 

In Eldritch Horror, 1 – 8 players assume roles as one of twelve globe-trotting investigators, working to solve the mysteries surrounding an Ancient One (there are several- each with their own Mystery and Research deck).  Working cooperatively, players gather clues, battle monsters and engage in daring expeditions.  As the pressure from the narrative mounts, the goal is to save human civilization and prevent impending global destruction.  There are three levels of difficulty, which allows players to customize their level of gameplay.


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